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The Path To Ownership

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Reserve you fraction

Fractional VR schedules a call to kick off your closing. You’ll sign the purchase agreement and addendum. You’ll receive instructions on how to wire your deposit, which is 10% of the fractional price.

Review and sign documents

You’ll receive two packets of documents to review and sign. The first includes the house policy, program manager agreement, inspection report and seller disclosures. The second has the operating agreement and ACH form for monthly operating expenses.

Secure the balance

If you are paying the balance in cash we will need "proof of funds." If you are financing the balance we will need the appropriate paperwork including the letter of pre approval from your bank and/or mortgage broker.  

Prepare for closing

Fractional VR schedules a check-in call before closing. We’ll review your closing statement and wire instructions for sending the remaining funds. We’ll confirm all documents are signed and verify your first stay date.


Congratulations, you are now a Fractional VR Vacation Home owner! It’s time to crack open the champagne and share the good news about your vacation home with your family and friends. Now, just one more step


Following closing, schedule an onboarding session with your home manager. You can start working with Fractional VR to start booking your stays, and get ready to enjoy your new vacation home or schedule renting it out for what ever price you want to ensure you maximize your return!

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