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Providing a fully managed experience

For many people considering a vacation home purchase, one of the biggest downsides is the burden of owning another property. If you only expect to use your vacation home a few weeks or months a year, you may decide to rent it out — and deal with the headaches of vacation rental management — or struggle to find reliable local vendors to help with maintenance issues, especially if problems arise while you’re away from the property. Fractional VRBO® relieves you of these worries and hassles by managing all aspects of homeownership. We charge a program management fee of $99 per share, per month, which covers a range of services, including:

  • Aggregating and managing the monthly owner expenses and taxes

  • Maintaining the LLC and resolving any disputes between owners or the government

  • Working with fractional owner to schedule their stay and/or short term rent their portion out as requested. Note: if you short term rent out your portion, Fractional VR does take an additional 15% commission for the marketing and management of the vacation rental guests and their stay..

  • Providing dedicated owner support 


The monthly program management fee is fixed and will not increase annually. Fractional VR is dedicated to transparency in pricing, and we believe our co-ownership model offers an equitable and cost-efficient way for more people to experience the joy of owning a vacation home. Once all of the fractions of the vacation home are sold, the HOA can hold a meeting and discuss / vote of changing or keeping Fractional VR as the management company. We want to continue to earn your business, year after year. That is our quality guarantee. 

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