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Selling Your Vacation Home Fractionally

Are you interested in selling your home fractionally. We can set you up for success. First we have to make sure your vacation home fits in our vision. Does your vacation home "wow", it is in an amazing location, is there a high demand for vacation homes in your area, will buyers want to invest, own, use, rent and ultimately get an ROI on their investment. We can help answer all the questions and help bring your property to fractional market. 

Some "Fractional Vacation Home" selection criteria


Every Fractional VR is different, but these are some of the features we look for:

  • High-end. We see the most buyer's demand for homes to be two to three times higher in value than the area’s median home value. 

  • Turnkey. The home needs to be ready to use as a luxury vacation home. If not we can help by using our team of professionals to fix any issues with the home, refurbish the look and feel, upgrade and furnish if need be. We can use your furnishings or professionally restyle the home with a professional designer, but it should be in vacation home ready.. 

  • Desirable destinations. Your home is in or near a popular second home destinations. Most are within driving distance of major metropolitan areas or accessible from nearby airports and have major outdoor amenities. Ski'ing, wineries, ocean , golf, casino's and so on.  

  • Similar to area homes. We fractional sell or even buy homes in neighborhoods with other top-tier vacation properties and a vibrant community of second homes. 

  • Premium amenities. Think hot tubs, chef’s kitchens, pools, roof decks or outdoor kitchens, depending on the region and climate. Your home should have these in order to attract higher end fractional buyers. 

  • “Wow” factor. The home should look great in photos and even better in person.

  • Luxurious but livable. The home should feel special without sacrificing comfort or ease. Potential owners should be excited to show off their home, but equally comfortable just enjoying time with family and friends.

  • Modern. Styles can range from industrial to mountain lodge, depending on the location, but homes should be newer, with modern conveniences, or recently updated. Again we can help you take your home from a well lived in home to a Spectacular Vacation Home using our team of professionals. 

If you currently own a potentially spectacular vacation home that you’re underusing, we’d love to hear from you!

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