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You Invest. Own, Use, Rent
We Manage, Making It Hassle Free

Fractional Ownership vs. Time Share


Fractional ownership is not a miniscule timeshare interest with a limited right of use, based on fixed or floating weekly intervals, or a point based exchange system with no real equity.  Timeshares have traditionally been sold in "low-end" properties at a premium price far exceeding their underlying market value. 

As a Fractional VR owner you purchase a share in a property-specific, multi-member LLC, and the LLC is the singular deeded owner of the home. The LLC structure is widely adopted for residential and commercial real estate. Not just a right to use a property, but real equitable ownership that historically appreciates over time. 

Fractional ownership offers you many investment, tax, 1031 exchange and other legal benefits in your own single-family estate property. It's not just a floor plan in a large condo, or hotel-like complex where you float from similar unit to unit on each visit, with sterile and often nailed down impersonal furnishings.  Your Fractional Vacation Home will be your home away from home that you truly own and will return to year after year with your family and friends or rent out for whatever price to make a return on your investment or just pay off your annual expenses!

Fractional Ownership vs. Whole Ownership


Fractional Ownership Costs vs. Whole Ownership Costs


The Process

The most effective way to research, invest, own, use, rent and sell
your luxury vacation rental home.

Greek Architecture


We research the best locations to invest, refurbish, furnish and manage luxury vacation homes for fractional ownership & short term rentals. We also work with current vacation home owners to setup, fractionalize their vacation rental and manage them long term.  

Countryside Cottage

Invest & Own

Fractional ownership means just that, you are a proportional share owner of the LLC that holds the deeded title. Each "co-owner" receives an undivided interest in their specific Fractional Vacation Home, with an equal right of possession.  Not a timeshare, but real equitable and flexible ownership!

House with Pool

Use or Short Term Rent

You have complete flexibility with your fractional purchase (For example: a 1/10 fractional purchase will guarantee you 5 weeks)., You can use it, rent it as a vacation rental, trade it with other owners or any combination. We manage it all and make ownership simple and turnkey. 

Peaceful Home

Sell with Ease

If you decide to upgrade or sell your fractional ownership, you can do so with confidence. Thousands of active buyers, including existing co-owners, are eager to expand their ownership. On average, Fractional VR listings resell for a 12% annual gain.

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